thumb|300px|right|C'mon Everybody, Houndog/Teddy Bear, Blue Suede Shoes, Chasing Rainbows Chasing Rainbows was the 2008-2009 show theme for Infusion. The entire choir was dressed in different colors such as: Blue, Orange, Yellow, Purple, and Green.

The set consisted of:

Opener  Chasing Rainbows  Michiyo Nomoto
1 C'mon Everybody Bryan Quintero/Derek Reyes
2 Houndog/TeddyBear Erika Larracas/T.J Onias


Blue Suede Shoes Luis Ocha
4 Blues In The Night Jennifer Arcos
5 Green Eggs and Ham N/A
6 Mean Green Motha from Outer Space Moses Udo
7 Color Purple Naomie Nelson
Closer Run and Tell That. Elijah Williamson/Mia Ortega/Kiara Sampson

The numbers that were cut from the show are the following:

-Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

-Geek In The Pink

-The Pink Panther

-Orange Colored Sky(given to Vocal Tapestry) thumb|284px|right|Infusion performing Color Purple and Run and Tell That

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