Derek Reyes is a Tenor. He is a Filipino male and loves to play football, dance, be apart of his Filipino culture, and sing. Derek is adept at playing his signature instrument a Ukulele he was also apart of his freshman football team(which went undefeated 10-0). Derek has been apart of Infusion for 3 years and will likely continue on through his senior year, he has performed with many of what he likes to call "choir legends" including : Steven Agdeppa, Judy Fernandez, Angel Calvillo, Samantha Yount, Halie Slipp, TJ Onias, Bryan Quintero, Naomie Nelson, and Michoyo Nomoto. He is also apart of Erika Larracas' Entourage, he is responsible for carrying her books, binders, and whatever else is stacked on them.

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