Elijah Javier Williamson better known as EJ, is a senior in the ROC having been with ROC 2.5 years, EJ has earned the title of "Mega-Bass" given to him by the members of Infusion. He started off in A'Capella second semester of his sophomore year after moving to California from Ohio with his mom and younger brother. He then moved to Infusion his junior year and continued on through his senior year. He has had many solos throughout his ROC experience including the Run and Tell That solo and Kiss The Girl for the Disney Medley. He holds choir to a high degree of importance in his life. EJ is also involved in playing basketball with friends in and out of choir and is often found in the choir room, the basketball courts, school gymnasium, or the park. EJ loves to eat and especially loves Filipino food due to it's delicious flavors and spices.

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