Erika Larracas is a senior in choir. She is the very first president of Charisma(this being because charisma was started in the 09-10 school year).

Although she has only been a member of ROC for two years Erika has proven to be one of the most powerful soloists to date. Not only has she proven herself to also be a vital part of Charisma but also Infusion. Some of her solos included: Houndog, O Holy Night, Silent Night, Home Sweet Home, Just Around The Riverbend, On My Own, and many more.  She was an alto her first year and was moved up to soprano. Erika has an Entourage of three men, Derek Reyes, Louis Martinez, and Mervin Magpantay. These three men made a commitment to help Ms. Larracas, their formal name for her, with her books, purse and even traffic control. Although she is a senior and has only been in the ROC 2 years she says she regrets not joining earlier.

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