This show was choreographed for the 09-10 school year. It features many famous songs ranging all the way back to the age of 1950s rock to as recent as the Tony Award Winning Musical "In The Heights". This show was based on the theme of various places but mainly focusing on Home. This Show was choreographed by Vincent Lydell Hicks, this being Vincent's second year with Infusion.

Rock This Town Choral
I Wish Kiara Sampson, Alaysia Monson
Wild Wild West Choral

Uptown Girl


Soloist:Eric Reyes

Elijah Williamson

Brandon Caudillo

Zachriah Whipkey

Alfred DeNieva

(boys ensemble)

Downtown/Skid Row

Trio: Ashley Park,Leanna Picaso,Hannah Nakamoto

(girls ensemble)

In The Heights Raphael SanDiego Buenaventuara
Home Sweet Home Erika Larracas
Two Worlds Zachariah Whipkey

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