Infusion 2009-2010

Infusion is a Mixed Intermediate/Advanced High School Show Choir that is directed by Mrs. Jolene Sampson and is choreographed by Vincent Lydell Hicks. This choir was formerly under the direction of Don Cloud, and formerly choreographed by Kye Brackett. This choir is famous for their excitement and over-the-topness with cheering for their favorite choirs from other schools (i.e. Burroughs, Burbank, Los Alamitos, Serrano, Arcadia, Bonita Vista, etc.) The Presidents of this choir have included : Sonny Navarez, Jackie Jimenez, Judy Fernandez, Steven Agdeppa, Michiyo Nomoto, and currently Ashley Park. This group usually consists of about 40 students, 20 boys, and 20 girls. They have the complete SATB arrangement and are famous for their amazing tech's. They are also known for their amazing soloists and show arrangements.

Below is the list of Themes for their shows

06-07 Dance With Me
07-08 Solid Gold
08-09 Chasing Rainbows
09-10 Home Sweet Home

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