Isabel Manookian is a Junior in the ROC. She has been with ROC for three years. Beginning her ROC experience her freshman year in Enchantment, which was competing at the time, she eventually moved up to Infusion her sophomore year. Due to a knee injury and surgery that year Isabel was unable to compete and was put onto tech crew alongside Rachel Gruver and Cassie Zolozabal. Isabel hasn't had many solos but that didn't stop her from being the best she could be, some of her more known solos are Part Of Your World for the Disney Medley and more recently Once Upon A December which she sang with Delaney Cosgrove, Tricia Fang, and Alaysia Monson. Isabel has been involved in Tae Kwon Do and has played soccer the majority of her life and was once on Rowland High School's frosh Soccer team but due to the previously mentioned injury she was unable to continue with the sport, this however did not change her love of the sport. Isabel is an avid UCLA fan and cheers for them even the odds are stacked. Isabel loves to read books especially the Harry Potter series. Isabel's mother, Mrs. Caroline Manookian, works as an Information Technology teacher at RHS and she is one of few students that have parents/relatives working as faculty.

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