Kiara Noelle Elizabeth Sampson or better known as Kiara or Kiki is the youngest daughter of the ROC director Jolene Sampson. She is the Vice President of Charisma and is girls dance captain of Infusion. Even though she has only been apart  of ROC two years, she didn't have to go through the process of being accepted, being Mrs. Sampson's daughter she met many of the members while attending Holiday Follies, Pop Show, or being at Competitions. She is also one of the favorite soloists of ROC her solos include: Run And Tell That(along side Mia Ortega), One of the Muses in the Disney Medley, New Deer In Town, All I Want For Christmas Is You, and many many more. Kiara has basically been a performer all her life claiming to have learned to sing before even talking. She moved from Roosevelt High School in Corona to Rowland High School in the 08-09 school year and has been with the ROC ever since. She has become very close friends with ROC president Ashley Park and Charisma President Erika Larracas. She, along with many others, plan to continue on performing throughout the course of her life by joining the Young Americans.

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