Kristine Jocelle Dizon is a Junior in the ROC. This is her second year in the ROC, the first being her freshman year in raider chorale, and shows great promise for her senior year. She's currently a member of Charisma's Mezzo section. Throughout her sophomore year her friends in choir(Derek Reyes and Lidia DeLeon) encouraged her to join choir instead of art. This would not be her first time in show choir as she was a apart of the show choir at South Pointe Middle School. Despite the fact that she would become a first year in the ROC kristine made it straight to Charisma, The Intermediate Women's Show Choir, and is very talented. She picked art over choir her sophomore year and picked choir over art her junior year due to a love of both art and show choir. She, unlike many, show choir students is not an avid watcher of Glee. She loves to sleep, and is usually found sleeping when called or texted this/

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