Paul Mervin Magpantay(preffering to go by Mervin)is a senior in ROC. He has been part of ROC for 3 years(sophomore through senior, his freshman year was spent at nogales). He is the President of Vocal Tapestry formerly known as A'Capella which he has been apart throughout his time with ROC. He is a two time section leader once his sophomore year and again his senior year. He is also apart of Infusion and is one of 5 boys also involved in it, the other 4 being Alfred DeNieva, Justin Jimenez, Elijah Williamson, and DongJu Kang. Mervin played tennis his freshman and sophomore year but quit during his junior year to fully commit to choir. He plays guitar and piano, although not very good, Mervin continues to be one of many instrument players in ROC. Since joining Infusion in the 2008-09 school year, Mervin has come to love show choir and is the current Spirit Guru. He is apart of Erika Larracas' Entourage and is responsible for carrying her purse.

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