thumb|300px|right|VoiceDance performed in the Choir Room

This show was arranged, choreographed, and performed in the 07-08 school year, it was also the last show that Kye Brackett choreographed. It includes many oldies, thus the name. This show recieved 2nd place behind Burroughs High School. This show also recieved best costuming. The costumes for this show were Silver and Gold dress shirts(Gold shirts with tie, silver without) for the guys and A black and white jumpsuit and gold sequien dresses for the girls.  

Can You Feel It Zachariah Whipkey and Naomie Nelson
Sir Duke Choral
Gotta Get You Into My Life Choral
Here Comes The Sun


Steven Agdeppa, Daniel Choi, Bryan Quintero, and Kristina Sampson

Somebody To Love Angel Calvillo and Samantha Yount
VoiceDance Choral
Signed, Sealed, Delivered/For Once In My Life Choral


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